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Epoxy Surfboards

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Most large surfboard manufacturers make most of their boards from polyurethane blanks (cores). In order to produce large quantities of boards, these manufacturers use in house or outside CNC machining to rough cut the blanks then have hired shapers fine finish the boards. Then there are the composite molded technology surfboards which are either foreign or domestically made. However, custom made surfboards are still preferred by surfers because composite molded boards tend to feel lifeless.

At first glance the EPS board looked like a standard Pu/Pe surfboard. Typically, with EPS Epoxy glassed boards the finish blank has a rough appearance due to the pourosity of the EPS Foam. Thus, when glassed the Epoxy resin fills in the pours and you are left with an unrefined appearance. Well, there is a process which seals the pours of the blank before it is glassed. Therefore, the finished board has a much cleaner refined appearance and there is less resin seepage into the foam which also reduces weight.

Here is a collection of photos documenting the shaping process of EPS foam for an Epoxy Surfboard.

EPS Epoxy Surfboard Ding Repair Step by Step Procedure with Pictures By ProSurfing.com.

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